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01-Apr-10, 17:35
Can anybody explain to me why the Central is getting to stay open?I was there on Tuesday and its absolutely disgusting!!!!!The mould on the walls,wallpaper hanging off and the food was CRAP!!!!!Sausages thrown in a fryer and when cut still pink in the middle!!!Which was sent back!!!!Cheese sandwich which had thin slices of cheese!!!!Is it such a hard job to grate cheese!!!!I mind the good old days when the food was great and you could hardly get a seat in the place!Now its that quiet you can sit anywhere!!!And still have to wait for ever to get your food!!!Enviromental Health get in and sort this place out.Bring Weatherspoons to Thurso!!!

01-Apr-10, 18:48
I was there to day at lunch time with friends and the dining room was terrible aswell. I cant believe they dont re-invest, the place used to be a goldmine. But you get out what you put in so the rewards wont be much!!