View Full Version : How to train a dragon

30-Mar-10, 20:31
Ok, so has anyone seen this.

Apparently I am going to watch in imax 3d (guessing that is just posh 3d)

Will a 6yr old be happy to watch it through or would he get bored? More to the point will I get bored? :lol:

30-Mar-10, 21:36
Not seen the film but i max is a monster screen with very high definition. Never seen 3D imax but even ordinary i max is a very intense experience. I saw at the Bradford museum of photography and film, the screen is so big anyway you feel part of it. Should be quite an experience, your young person may need reminding its pretend!

03-Apr-10, 22:19
IMAX 3D is fantastic. If you can find one anywhere its well worth the trip.

Mini Changis first visit to the cinema was hillarious to say the least.

Everytime the 'bad' dragon came along he hid his popcorn and proceded to eat ours instead, by the end of the day he had eaten his own weight in popcorn.

He didn't like the volume, but this was easily solved with bits of tissue stuck in his lugs. He looked strange but at least he managed to enjoy the rest of the film.

The film itself was very funny and we all enjoyed it.

04-Apr-10, 20:31
Taking the little one to see it on Tuesday - can't wait!!