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30-Mar-10, 00:42
I must have moved the aeriel in the attic and the picture on tv is terrible. Anyone see to this. Can you recommend anyone relaible? Grahma begg has a long waiting list.

30-Mar-10, 09:50
Colin Chessor 01847 891963 can sometimes come quickly and they are very good. There is also Alacam in Thurso but I can't comment on their service. There was also a chap advertising in the Dial-an-Ad in the Courier/Groat. I can't remember his name but I will post the details when I find them.

Depending on your age, circumstances, health etc. you can get an upgrade to digital television either free or for 40. I think the number was 08456 505050. There were a few ads in the national newspapers over the weekend. Regardless, if you are still on the analogue and are getting someone in, upgrade now as you will have to come May. Chessor installed two freeview boxes in my house and they are great.

30-Mar-10, 10:20
Id highly recommend colin chessor if you cant sort it yourself