View Full Version : Unexplained icon?

Mother Bear
24-May-06, 16:47
Wonder if anyone can help......recently got a new computer and set it up with tiscali and broadband..all is well.Just one small mystery, one of the small icons in the bottom right corner, picture of two wee pc screens, with a red cross over them, and it says 'Local Area Connection. A network cable is unplugged' Can't understand that, as everything seems to working ok. Any ideas anyone?
Thanks in advance.

footie chick
24-May-06, 16:54
I've got it aswell since got new pc everything works okay though:roll:

24-May-06, 18:15
Its nothing to worry about its just if u wanted to set up a network with more than just one computer ok

Niall Fernie
24-May-06, 18:56
To get rid of the icon, double click on it, then click on properties at the bottom left and until the box that says "Show Icon in notification area when connected"