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28-Mar-10, 00:26
Tomorrow am getting my new baby she is a brown hamster and she has little white feet with a face like a teddy bear she is really cute i will try put up a pic when i get one so excited x

28-Mar-10, 00:39
Will look forward to seeing pics of your new hamster. He/she sounds lovely. We had a fair few hamsters over the years when the kids were younger. Our last one died last year and he was chocolate brown with longish hair. He looked like a miniature grizzly bear. Soo cute

28-Mar-10, 01:17
That's great! Where are you getting her from?

28-Mar-10, 12:04
pets at home so am hoping she will be ok our last one was from there and she was and my daugthers one is fine to mind you she is a escape artist lol actually manages to open the hatch in her cage and get out x

28-Mar-10, 13:37
Looking forward to seeing pics of your lovely wee hamster.:D She sounds adorable!

28-Mar-10, 19:42
she is got her home today she was very ative to start with getting to know her new home but she is sleeping now funny how they find there own place to sleep is'nt it have got a few pics of her going to have a look at them and see if any are worth posting x

28-Mar-10, 22:24
Ah bless her.:D What is her name?

29-Mar-10, 21:51
Have called her coco as she is nearly all brown seems a little more settled today been up twice , she is really cute x