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26-Mar-10, 23:06
Thinking about getting a portable dvd player (or 2) for it the car for long trips and was in tescos....
what would be better 1 9" screen one or 2 7" screens considering that I have 3 kids 2 of which are at an age where they would watch something on one (tinkerbelle the movie or timmy or something cbeebieish in nature) for a while.
And could the single 9" dvd players be linked together somehow so they can watch the same thing on different screens?
And how easy would it be for me (in the front of the car) to change dvds and sort out the volume etc...?

26-Mar-10, 23:39
most of them come with remotes, changing dvd might involve a bit of leaning! i think you'd be better off with the two players because the girls are at opposite sides of the car. i've got some lovely dvds you can borrow.

27-Mar-10, 01:19
I've got dvd players in both headrests - can be a pain as you canna see wots going on and they're trying to instrust you - you end up pulling over to sort it out, but definitley worth it when they get the hang of how it works - when they're 23!!!....Good luck!

27-Mar-10, 12:47
I sit laptop between the kids on the back seat, with a cable to the car stereo so the sound is at a decent level - works a treat as the screen size is much better, but it's not for everyone. As I usualy book somewhere with free WiFi it allows me to sit on the laptop when the kids are in bed too :)

27-Mar-10, 20:09
Well the kids that are going to be watching the DVDs are going to be sitting next to each other, i,e one behind me (front passenger side) and the other in the middle seat!(its easier to have the 1st stage baby seat at a side to put it in and take it out!)
The laptop would just be too tempting for Lauren and she would touch the keyboard and everything would go wrong...I can just see it happening on the motorway and the complaining and fighting afterwards:lol:

27-Mar-10, 20:25
I've got a small one I dont use any more that you could have for nothing. I'll leave it at Kathryn's for you if you want it? x

27-Mar-10, 21:39
We use dual DVD when travelling....works as a child muter! well works on David but unfortunately the age division becomes apparent, Hamish would happily watch Big Barn Farm and David would rather something a bit pacey.....sadly you can just have one DVD shared....perhaps two individual ones would be better.