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26-Mar-10, 00:35
Hey everyone i just thought i would make my own thread to ask some quiestion's. Me and my partner both would love a puppy but we dont have the money to spend buying one for like hundreds and hundreds of pounds, When we were asking about jack the pup a few month back the council said they tend to get dog's in but the thing is where is the dog place in wick? Does anyone know how much it is?


26-Mar-10, 00:51
I recently had my big pup 9/10 month lurcher neutered......I got him through the council dog warden. The cost of his op was 116.
If you are low in funds, you might be able to get help through the PDSA and you should be able to get the information from the vet practice.
Hope you find your special 4 legged friend and rescue him/her......My fella is great and so pleased I was able to give him a home. Too many people throwing lovely dogs away, without every knowing what a prize they have lost. Good luck, you sound lovely and caring.

26-Mar-10, 12:39
A puppy is a lot of hard work, costs you a lot more than you think (they love chewing and toileting in your house!) and take a lot of patience before he turns into a well adjusted dog.

I would rescue an older dog any day. They are usually a lot less work as they are already house trained and know the basic rules of how to behave around people.

If you are on benefits you can get help through the PDSA for vet bills.

26-Mar-10, 13:28
The initial cost of the dog is small compared to what they cost over a year.

Kevin Milkins
08-Jan-11, 20:07
The initial cost of the dog is small compared to what they cost over a year.

Your not kidding,Leanne. :eek:

I have just had a clear out of my filing cabinet and decided to shred all my old files. I have kept a file on vet bills etc for the last twelve years and it's scary when you add it all up.

I must say I do feel liberated now they have gone though.:Razz

08-Jan-11, 20:15
i didnt know this thread was still open :S