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25-Mar-10, 15:01
I'm looking for someone in Wick who will actually clean the windows not just scoosh them with water and use a pool to get at them. Does anyone know if there is someone who does them old fashioned way?

25-Mar-10, 15:18
I could possibly sort you out but busy at moment,so i will recommend MR LENNIE on here,hes an all round diy guy nice chap,if he cant manage pm me and ill arrange something with you :)

25-Mar-10, 15:56
Hi sweetpea I would highly recommend Luke at Highland Cleaning Services

Very polite guy and does a great job every time, his username is 888 on here, dont actually have his number on me just now but when I find it I can send it via PM

Rampant Rabbit
25-Mar-10, 22:31
Try stuart at caithness window cleaners they are in wick and they are highland council licenced 01955 604145 or freddie 01955 603113

Rampant Rabbit
27-Mar-10, 21:19
Thank you for that sharona but my books are full just now why dont you put you own man name up troy bates and you did say that he was good or has he changed his job

27-Mar-10, 22:24
Troy does my windows once a month, he cleans the frames and doors as well, does a good job!

28-Mar-10, 14:50
thanx for that reco julia cheers