View Full Version : help with trampoline purchases please !

25-Mar-10, 12:44
hi there

am looking to buy a 10ft trampoline that is for all the family (so need weight up to about 20stone), am looking online and suprise surprise there is a surcharge for people wanting trampolines who dare to live further north than glasgow!

can anyone advise a good seller of trampolines for decent delivery times and prices. So far have been quoted 30 surcharge ..... and another quote of 75 for trampoline ONLY , if i want enclosure delivery goes up !!!! arghhhhh

can anyone give me advice on best make of trampoline .....


25-Mar-10, 14:13
We got our from Woolworths online about 2 years ago and i am pretty sure that they didnt charge a premium for delivery.

One of the best things that we have bought!

25-Mar-10, 14:21
We got ours from Argos. Its going good now on its 4th year!

25-Mar-10, 16:38
We got our from atlantic trampolines and there was no surcharge for the highlands, all they say is it will be 3 - 5 days delivery but it came in less time than that. They have their own website and also sell on ebay.

25-Mar-10, 18:45
hi --we got our one from Trampoline Direct, we got a 15ft for less than the 12ft was in argos and it came complete with surround and paddings

25-Mar-10, 18:51
Focus in Inverness was the cheapest when our friends got there 10 foot trampoline we picked it up from the shop for them but they got the trampoline, saftey poles and enclosure for 135.00 ..... Now thats what I call a bargain :lol: