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24-Mar-10, 22:37
Two cat have been reported missing to Caithness Cats Protection.

Fifi has been missing from Telford Street, Lower Pultney, Wick. for two weeks. Fifi is a small, stocky black, female, cat with short legs. She is wearing a purple collar.

Jack has been missing from Watten for 16 days. He is a mostly black cat with white socks and chest. Jack is microchipped

The owners of both cats are really missing their pets and would be grateful for any information.
Please contact Caithness Cats Protection if you can help
Tel no 0845 371 4217
Thank you

25-Mar-10, 17:47
Poor mogs will be missing their familiar surroundings and I know from personal experience just how upsetting it is to be the owner/s of a missing pet. :~(

I hope Fifi & Jack will be home soon, where they belong.

25-Mar-10, 20:13
Really hope that Fifi and Jack are found safe and well soon.

25-Mar-10, 20:54
These are some pictures of Jack. He has been missing from Bylbster (just outside Watten, towards Wick) since 9th March.


25-Mar-10, 23:01
Really good news - Fifi has been found safe and well !
Fingers crossed there is good news about Jack very soon .

26-Mar-10, 00:31
I'm sure Fifi's owners must be over the moon. Marvellous news indeed! :)

26-Mar-10, 13:52
So glad to hear that Fifi is home! Really hope to have good news re Jack soon.

26-Mar-10, 14:38
Nice bit of news that Fifi has been found........hope the same for Jack soon.