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23-May-06, 00:11
I hope someone can help me as I am concerned about a baby blackbird in my garden and what i should do about it. I'm worried he will starve to death.
I have a yearly nest in my ivy on my house wall of two blackbirds, who usually have two young ones. this year there were 2 as usual.Three days ago I heard a noise and was worried my cat had got to them as they are quite low. One of the babies had fallen onto the grass and the parents were making a noise, so i left them alone. Some hours later the young one was walking about in the plants and the mother was on the fence.
Today it had dissapeared, but the other young one, with a spotted front and quite big now, is sitting in the ivy, not near the nest, and not hiding. It can be easily seen. it was making a lot of noise yesterday but hardly makes any sound now. It doesnt attempt to fly away when I speak to it and I haven't seen the parents for 2 days. even at night it is sitting sleeping in the same place.
Should I leave well alone and hope for the best or should I dig up some worms to feed it?
I just dont know what to do and would appreciate any helpful advice. thankyou.:(

Bill Fernie
23-May-06, 00:15

23-May-06, 00:49
thank you very much for that Bill, i have sent them an e-mail. What an interesting site. i love my garden birds!! i was never really interested in birds, but a friend of mine Colonel Hildreth so loved his garden birds, a lot of which he had tamed, and he got me interested in them too. they would sit on his arm while he fed them, it was amazing.