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23-Mar-10, 20:35
Just to say i highly recommend this place! i go there quite regular, but the other day i went with my sister and her partner, we all had the full on scottish breakfast and i have to say it was the best fry up i have ever had!

Not greasy at all, food cooked to perfection! :Razz

Usually i have the potato skins, which are gorgeous tasting aswell!

And the other day i took home cake to my OH and he said it was brilliant.

Service is fast considering everything is cooked from fresh! I infact would not have minded if they had us waiting an hour because the food was fab! But it only took about 10 minutes or so.

24-Mar-10, 12:36
Fry-ups are good in there and are probably that best thing on the menu for value for money! The one thing that does annoy me about the Y-not is that they use frozen chips.......it's a pet hate of mine, a restaurant that sells frozen chips (obviously they cook them before serving!). Things like chips (chips and cheese, gravy, etc) are where places like this make a lot of money (especially at the price they charge!) so they least they can do is serve real tatties! Before it was the Y-Not (it was called the Redwood) they used to serve the best chips in Caithness and for less money.......Bring back real chips!!
OK Gurn over - P.S the rest of the food is fine in there! lol

24-Mar-10, 14:41
Where is the Y-Not, going out for lunch in Thurso tomorrow so could give it a try?

24-Mar-10, 14:49
It's just across from the Co-op

24-Mar-10, 15:24
love love love their burgers, had christmas night out there one year and it was awful, cold, barely cooked, the entire pub was freezing, never had dinner wearing a winter coat before! also been to a private catered function and thought for the money spent the food left a lot to be desired, barely enough for everyone and it was charged per head! wouldnt go for an occiasion again but definately for day to day food its great :)