View Full Version : Quiz night of October 11th

14-Oct-01, 17:06
I was wondering who won last Thursday's quiz? Was there a good turn out?

14-Oct-01, 17:19
"YOU" won, but there seemed to be a lot of cheating going on, and an inquiry should be held.

I believe there was at one point 18 there at once although only a few of them was honest.

14-Oct-01, 20:14
Thanks for letting me know, AC! Sounds like it was quite a night, LOL! :cool:

15-Oct-01, 18:07
Yes, it was quite a night! Very good questions from Alfredo, even if he had one of the answers wrong. Although Weegili was not there to start a fecht, Sassy did her best to stir things up. And rightly so, as the division between the North and the South during the American Civil War was NOT the Mason-Dixie line. LOL