View Full Version : Carvery at Castletown Hotel

21-Mar-10, 20:12
Absolutely delicious, was there earlier today and the roast beef was to die for. Polite and attentive staff, thoroughly enjoyable, well deserved praise to them all. :):):)

21-Mar-10, 20:15
Nice to see such a positive recommendation :D

22-Mar-10, 01:38
Nice to see such a positive recommendation :D

its only right unicorn, credit where it's due:)

22-Mar-10, 14:29
Do they only have a carvery on Sunday at lunch time?

22-Mar-10, 17:02
Hoida - the carvery is on Sunday lunch and evening and is soooo worth trying! Even kids love it - especially the massive table of desserts!

22-Mar-10, 21:06
Thanks for that must phone and book for Easter Sunday:roll:

22-Mar-10, 21:45
What time do they start serving and how speedy is service? I know I could phone but would like first hand experience. I would like to go but work at 3pm on Sundays (luckily at a computer so I can be full haha). Heard nothing but good things about it.

Also do they have decent veggie choices?

22-Mar-10, 22:06
Very fast service, you go up to the carvery and ask for what you want and they serve it to you. They also have loads of veg along with non meat dishes (macaroni, etc) and then a table of about 20 deserts which you help yourself to!........You come away feeling very greedy!

22-Mar-10, 22:54
Sounds perfect :) Thanks scarybiscuits!!

23-Mar-10, 16:52
Yes, they are great but so is the carvery at thweir other hotel, the Norseman in wick, run on the same lines as Castletown, great.

24-Mar-10, 13:04
Got me thinking now so I've just booked Castletown hotel for me and the family for Easter Lunch.......save on the washing up!

24-Mar-10, 13:41
been a long standing supporter of the food here you just cant go wrong with it or the service, to the extent we had a 7 course christmas dinner there and it was first class,