View Full Version : Inverness car wash

21-Mar-10, 15:57
At the corner where Academy street ends and Chapel street begins there is a corner of vacant ground, currently being used by some Polish chaps (a gang of six in fact) offering a car wash and chamois by hand for 5 and a full valet for 15 inside and out. Super attention to detail, job done in about 45 minutes as the squad work together round the car like ballerinas.

OH used it yesterday, and spent the time with his nephew in a new coffee shop nearby. They were so impressed nephew got his car done too and will use the wash and dry once a week and the full valet monthly to keep his pride and joy pristine.

Nice to see a gap site being used for something enterprising by pleasant, hard working folks.

So many of us go south for the day or use Inverness as a stop off for lunch on the way north is is the ideal opportunity to multi-task.