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20-Mar-10, 11:13
Seeing the vicious dog thread made me think of all the silly things kids have done to pets, and as I didnt want to hijack that thread I thought I would start another!

Lauren has "decorated" Poppy dog in mummys stickers she found in the bathroom (1 lab with wings:lol:)

She has tried to dress the cat up in dolly clothes but he wouldnt play and made a hasty retreat to the garden!
My sister used to dress our cat we had in dolly clothes and take him for walks in the dollies pram when we were little!

20-Mar-10, 11:44
My son has dressed our dog up in his clothes and drawn all over him with permanent marker. lol :lol:

20-Mar-10, 13:26
i had a rotti a few years ago and my friends daughter pierced it's ear with her birthday badge!!!!!! the dog never even flinched, he was an amazing soft lump and adored children.

20-Mar-10, 18:07
We put a bra and pants on one of our Lurchers, then thought he would suit a skirt too :) We actually took him for a walk in that - I'd be so embarrassed doing that now! We also put a halloween costume on Maddy last year, just a kids red cape for about 10 mins :)

We also put the rabbit and guinea pig in a kids pram once and took them for a walk round the village. Think I have a pic somewhere...

20-Mar-10, 22:47
Sorry must own up this is me messing with the Dog rather than kids..lol


He loves this teddy !! I even put shades on him but he wasn't too impressed.:)


20-Mar-10, 22:49
My daughter clartered the dog's backside in sudocream when she was a toddler!

20-Mar-10, 23:25
My daughter shut the dog in the bathroom and covered him in shampoo, had to tie him up in the garden to wash it of, not a happy doggy.

21-Mar-10, 13:00
I had "help" to bath Poppy (she rolled in fox poo)
In the end the 2 girls were in the bath along with the dog and in need of a bath themselves..... not much room in the bath with a lab in it:lol:
And I dont think Poppy was that impressed with the bath jigsaws and toy boats that she "had to have":lol:

23-Mar-10, 01:50
i have the world's clingiest cat who cannot bear to be parted from me to the point he attacked my flatmate for trying to go in my room when i was away for a few days, have just had a baby and was really really nervous about how he would react but he sniffed her foot, then her head, licked her and alls well!

24-Mar-10, 23:37
i know of a small child that stuck a teaspoon up a very gentle labs bum, not so much as a growl out of her. poor Whisper!

25-Mar-10, 01:21
Sorry must own up this is me messing with the Dog rather than kids..lol

Guilty - though my drunken parents egged me on...

http://i252.photobucket.com/albums/hh22/l34nn3_k4ut/28122009072-1.jpg (http://s252.photobucket.com/albums/hh22/l34nn3_k4ut/?action=view&current=28122009072.jpg)

25-Mar-10, 10:06
Poppy dog knows the feeling of a toy thermometer and stethascope inserted under the tail!
She looked surprised:eek:
Not so much as a whimper from her though!
Doctors kit went in the bin!

25-Mar-10, 12:18
well at least that is where the thermometer is supposed to go!

25-Mar-10, 18:44
I wish they were all that patient when we take them to the vets!

25-Mar-10, 22:48
As soon as the cat sees the cat basket he turns into the cat from hell.
Sabre toothed tiger with pmt comes to mind:)

Poppy dog turns to a quivering lump of jelly as soon as she sees the door to the vets and her legs wont work .... funny that!

25-Mar-10, 23:04
My cats love the cat basket and launch themselves into. Black cat wraps his paws around the vet's neck and gives ear lick cuddles. He's not been to the vets here yet so they've not had the joy of meeting his freakiness ;)Kathy@watten has and was a bit grossed out that a cat was licking her ear...

25-Mar-10, 23:12
Yep...why would you let a creature such as a cat...who uses same tongue to do his nether regions....lick your ear? really when said out loud it does beg the question! Now horse kisses are aloud, as they do not lick their doodahs!

25-Mar-10, 23:27
YNow horse kisses are aloud, as they do not lick their doodahs!

Ha ha no they bite their own knees ;)

25-Mar-10, 23:33
Misplaced sexual feelings...he at least knows that urge makes him want to nip knees...allbeit not meant to be his! He will suss out this out and probably won't fancy his Mummy so much! Been a while perhaps they didn't recognise each other. They are still making dinosaur nioses at each other...might move them all about to find a happy place for everyone!