View Full Version : Quiz 21st may

21-May-06, 19:44
Angela what time does the quiz start?

21-May-06, 19:47
Canna make it Again - sorry

21-May-06, 19:47
It's usually 8.30 pm Highlander - I'm assuming it's the same tonight.

21-May-06, 21:42
Only noticed this sorry. You made it to the quiz anyway.

And the winner was moira....well done to erli as well, so close.:D

21-May-06, 21:47
Well Done Moira...:)

22-May-06, 02:38
The night the lights went out in Burlington

I was signing on for the quiz when the power went out. It came back on just when the few last stragglers were leaving the quiz room. I am sorry that I missed it and more disappointed that I missed the players. It sounds like moira and erli did very well. Congratulations.

I shall be gone for the next 3 Sundays, but I will watch for the results. Have fun. :)

23-May-06, 01:36
Thanks Angela for a well-run quiz. Hope I can do as well next week! Connie & Canuck - you were both missed & I'm sorry Canuck can't join us next Sunday.

Some of the other Usual Suspects were missing too but I trust normal "cheating & heckling" ..... sorry I mean ... humour will be restored for my debut performance as Quizzy :lol: It's going to be an Anti-Google, 3-2-1 scoring system, as fast & furious as I can "cut & paste". Golach & Highlander will be the "bouncers" as usual (please??) Look forward to seeing you all there.