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Mother Bear
21-May-06, 15:55
Walking down the cliff to the sea at Dunbeath the other evening, we could hear a very distinctive bird 'chat, chat chatting' We spotted two of them, and on returning home and to the bird book, discovered they were stonechats. Very handsome birds too.
I can also remember one of Bill Oddies descriptions of the yellowhammers song....'a little bit of bread and no cheeeeeeeeeeeese.' It is soooo true!!
Anyone got any other good ones to remember?

In a garden at Latheron the other day, I enjoyed watching siskins, blue tits, great tits, goldfinches, [my very favourite bird] and a tree creeper . Also 2 grey wagtails dipping in and around the brook. Plus some fine arial displays by the house-martins.......all a pleasure and privelege to see.

21-May-06, 23:38
Wood pigeons say, "Take twooo cows David"

Great tits say "Teacher!,Teacher!,Teacher!"


Bill Fernie
22-May-06, 23:58
A few bird sounds here