View Full Version : Thurso-based battery firm wins Army contract

17-Mar-10, 13:11
"Thurso-based battery firm wins Army contract

The portable charger can be carried by soldiers on operations
A battery manufacturer has secured a 4.6m contract with the Ministry of Defence to supply lightweight portable power chargers for soldiers. ... "


hopefully they will expand and create some more jobs.

17-Mar-10, 13:15
That's good news, should retain jobs and as you say maybe even expand

17-Mar-10, 16:31
They need an 87k grant from HIE at this point?

When will they stop sucking at the teat?

They have had millions, and are supposedly a profitable business.

Why are we still giving them money?

They took a technology developed at OUR expense in the first place, yet now they are a private company we are still paying?

When is this kind of thing going to stop?

Meanwhile dozens of smaller local firms face hardship, and there is no money left in the pot for those who are not yet in profit.

Why the heck is Caithness getting covered in Turbines, yet not building the darn things?

HIE/CASE and the lot of them have shown their form over and over, handing out money to firms as they go under, firms cooking their books.

Not only is it a jobs for the boys culture, it is money for the boys too, and guess whose pockets they have their hands in?

19-Mar-10, 03:47
well I say congradulations to them....We are a small place in the back and beyond and its great to see a small company get the contract rather than a London large manuf company...

Good on them..:):):)