View Full Version : Information on Fishing for visitors to Caithness?

15-Mar-10, 15:03
Does anyone have any info re fishing? I've holiday guests coming (Lybster) at the end of the month and they've asked about fishing.

Thanks in advance:)

15-Mar-10, 15:42
Permit for loch calder available from Harpers shop in Thurso, the Tall Tales bookshop take bookings for the river Thurso, and Hugo Ross in Wick can advise you on fishings on the Wick side. The Brown Trout in Watten have permits for the loch behind the hotel, and Halladale Inn at Melvich also arrange fishing days. Hope this steers you in the right direction.

16-Mar-10, 23:55
This is quite a good website for all your fishing needs on the Thurso river.


18-Mar-10, 23:09
Thank you Poppet and b3n - appreciated!