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14-Mar-10, 10:22
Was really looking forward to this film, what with all the awards it got.

I was slightly disappointed with it to be honest. Obviously it's a very poignant film and it that sense it deserved every award it got.
I just wouldn't watch it again! Some parts were just slow and boring and difficult to watch.

A film that makes you think though!

14-Mar-10, 10:38
Watched this last night. I thought it was unconvincing and boring.

The Drunken Duck
14-Mar-10, 11:11
Didnt really enjoy the story that much, it was unrealistic and theatrical in a lot of places but I think it was well shot and acted. I think they hit the nail on the head though with the theme behind it. Combat is highly exciting and for some, extremely addictive.

The most realistic scene was the one where he is standing in the supermarket and just cant choose a cereal. I remember coming back of Det and going to see my ex wife and kid and just walking out after ten minutes, bored of what I was hearing and seeing. I just couldn't get my mind off what my mates were doing out there and I would wander aimlessly for hours unable to focus or even care about what was going on in front of me. Took about a month to wear off.

15-Mar-10, 18:33
It was alright like. Overrated.

27-Mar-10, 00:40
The encounter with the British forces was nothing short for farcical

The British soldier "Chris" jumping on the M2 and engaging in a spray and pray nature "yea really" ....

The lapse defensive coverin that scene

Then the prone M82 vs the insurgent standing in a window with a svd

M82 double the effective range

Oscars well I don't know