View Full Version : silk or matt

13-Mar-10, 22:56
hi is silk or matt a better paint to buy i plan to paint my hall way and was not sure on which to but thanks in advance

13-Mar-10, 23:08
High traffic areas I use silk - easy to wipe down if it gets dirty :)

13-Mar-10, 23:22
Silk is slightly shiny and I think reflects light better and is more scrubbable but matt is "flatter" and is more forgiving when you are painting!

13-Mar-10, 23:52
Personally, I would go for matt as I dont like a shiny finish of silk.

14-Mar-10, 00:02
I used matt in my kitchen and every time I wipe a spot I get white wall :eek:
I have bought silk to redo it :lol:

14-Mar-10, 00:06
matt is more forgiving for touching up bits though!
If you can be bothered to give a quick dab of paint to that stubborn spot of dirt/stain/greasy fingerprints you cannot get rid of!
Just make sure you have enough leftover though as a new tin can be a slightly different colour!

14-Mar-10, 00:17
ah thats where I am going wrong I should get out the paint and not the cloth :lol:

14-Mar-10, 00:38
you can get a matt silk which is the best of both worlds, have used in hight use areas of my house, the lobby has it and I have scrubbed it to remove russell marks when they charge in with mud all over, it has wiped down a treat and you wouldn't know it!

14-Mar-10, 00:39
I prefer silk as i think it looks better plus as said previously, it is easier to wipe dirty marks off. You get some really lovely colours of paint nowadays. Gone are the days where we had either white or magnolia.

14-Mar-10, 20:08
Get yourself a tin of softsheen! Nice finish