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11-Mar-10, 20:16
CRFA are holding a rabbit, guinea pig and mouse show in Lybster bowling hall on 10th April.
There will be pet classes and open show.
All visitors welcome.
For more details or a schedule PM or email caithnessrabbitfanciersassociation@hotmail.co.uk

11-Mar-10, 23:41
Do they have classes for bog standard mixed breed pet bunnies!
And if so how do you show them?
And does it matter if they are castrated?
Told Lauren about the show and she was quite excited ....:lol:
Now the logistics are causing me some panic.......

12-Mar-10, 09:10
Yes we do we basically put them into the class they most resemble, ie fancy, fur, lop or rex (Don't worry thats my job to work out :lol:) and then we have novelty classes for them
Rabbit Judge would most like to take home
Rabbit with Cutest Face
Most unusual Rabbit
Best-presented rabbit
Prettiest Doe
Handsomest Buck
Cheekiest Rabbit
Friendliest Rabbit

It is a good chance for kids to learn about different animals and get a chance to handle them when they are being judged. We normally end up with chairs all round the judging tables and the kids taking part in the whole experience.
Castration no problem in pet classes at all.
Showing is very easy, a quick groom, a travel box of some decription to get them there in and you are off.

12-Mar-10, 23:31
That sounds fantastic, Islay and Jura would love to go, but we are too far away :(

13-Mar-10, 12:45
Thats a real shame Sarah, I can't think of anyone coming your way, we do have people coming from Edinburgh, Keith, Lairg (but their car is full) possibly Dunfermline.
You need to get driving :lol:

13-Mar-10, 23:26
I know, I really need to get my butt moving. I will be driving by the end of the year if I have my way! I just need to save some pennies :)

13-Mar-10, 23:44
What time do you have to get the furries there?
And will there be help for complete novices with pets?

13-Mar-10, 23:55
Judging will start at 10.30 so anytime before that and there will be help on hand for anyone that needs some, no problem at all. We all have to start somewhere :lol:
Entries need to be in by the 4th of April to above email address.
Alternatively contact the secretary on 01847 892236.

20-Mar-10, 14:48
Will be there. Looking forward 2 it. :D

29-Mar-10, 18:44
Entries coming in steadily now :D Looking forward to seeing old and new faces :D

31-Mar-10, 15:49
Change of entry details, please call 01955 605945 with your entries. Thanks.

04-Apr-10, 10:38
Still time to enter. Entries close tonight at 8pm ish. lol.