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10-Mar-10, 13:18
It'll soon be Mothers day and I've told my lot to save their money and just cook dinner for me.

I'm quiet happy with a chicken from the coop but youngest wants to buy an organic one,can you honestly taste the difference?

Had a corn fed one and didnt like it,soup wasnt the same taste either.:confused

10-Mar-10, 13:37
We fatten our own and you definatly can taste the difference, as for shop bought ones,if we buy its always freerange out of principle mainly.
Im sure whatever they cook will be great :)

10-Mar-10, 15:46
Personally I think you can taste the difference, but more with the difference between normal shop bought and freerange. The freerange bird is definitely tastier and if you can get a local one its even better.

I depends on what you're using it for though, no point in sticking an expensive bird in a curry!

Im sure that if you are getting a break from cooking whatever they serve up will taste fabulous :)

10-Mar-10, 16:47
No you can't.

All this organic food nonsense is just a way for them to charge more for the same thing....

10-Mar-10, 23:22
So Olin,
Will you be cooking something from the non organic section for your mother on 'Mother's Day'? lol

11-Mar-10, 00:03
Me- I have to go along with Olin's perception of it-pigging rip off.An we are too willing to go along with ---what,fancy words an presentation. Ach well each to their own.

11-Mar-10, 19:47
Must admit, I very seldom buy organic produce as unfortunately my budget is quite limited and as already mentioned above, the prices are usually dearer for organic stuff.

11-Mar-10, 20:03
I don't buy organic veg etc but I don't like eating the cheap meat from the supermarket. It is disgusting the way the animals are reared. I eat mostly a vegetarian diet and if I eat meat it is good stuff from the butchers. I know the animals are still killed but at least when they were alive they lived slightly better lives. Maybe I am being hypocritical but I like meat occasionally.

11-Mar-10, 20:09
I buy an organic veg box every week, find no waste as the veg are fresher and tastier and last longer than supermarket veg.I only buy meat that i know where it comes from and eat a lot of our own fattened birds. Its the freshness and better taste i like with the veg boxes and the surprise.
im on a tight budget but i have now worked out i save money by doing it this way.

11-Mar-10, 20:57
I bought an organic chicken just to try and see if there was a difference in taste - there wasn't - the only difference was the price :eek: Needless to say I won't be buying again! We buy free range eggs all the time so maybe i'll buy a free range chicken next time to try.

12-Mar-10, 10:22
I dont think you can taste the difference but have agreed butcher bought will probably be tastier.:D

Margaret M.
12-Mar-10, 14:56
I'd rather not consume pesticides, herbicides, growth hormones and antibiotics. Since these cannot be simply washed off, I always opt for an organic version if it is offered. There may not be a whole lot of difference in the taste of organic products -- why would there be? A chicken is a chicken and a strawberry is a strawberry. It's what you can't taste that is important.

Organic farmers encourage soil and water conservation and reduce pollution. They don't use conventional methods to fertilize, control weeds, kill pests, or prevent livestock disease.

12-Mar-10, 18:10
[HTML]. There may not be a whole lot of difference in the taste of organic products -- why would there be? A chicken is a chicken and a strawberry is a strawberry. [HTML]

thats the problem though isnt it , how do you know that it IS a strawberry , there is so much GM food out there we dont actually know what we are eating unless we know the source of the product.

Chickens are usually pumped full of water and various other nasty chemicals before being sold to the general public. Certain food chains like to breed chickens to grow rapidly with juicy bits that they need, these chickens are modified and modified. We consume, what happens to us ?

Organic shouldnt mean more expensive, before the big supermarkets came along organic was normal !