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08-Mar-10, 19:38
Hubby and I went to see 'Alice in Wonderland' in Disney Digital 3D, on Friday night. As it was the first day in cinemas over here, we were lucky to get seats! We both enjoyed it, but not as much as 'Avatar' and 'A Christmas Carol', which were more impressive, in our opinion.

I'd still recommend it though, especially in 3D! :cool:

16-Mar-10, 19:08
i love tim burton but this is not one of his best film it was like it was thrown together and the 3D was like a last min thing.

The Pepsi Challenge
17-Mar-10, 19:54
Absolutely terrible film.

18-Mar-10, 02:15
Absolutely terrible film.

Not my type od film. If it's anything like Charlie and the chocolate factory with Johnny Depp, I will pass on it.

19-Mar-10, 18:41
Absolutely terrible film.

Disagree, went with the kids and we all enjoyed it.

19-Mar-10, 19:36
I cant wait to see this film! :D All the trailers i have seen look awsome.

05-May-10, 13:13
I really enjoyed it, hadn't seen a 3d film in some years, so it was way different to what i was expecting.