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lynne duncan
01-Apr-04, 22:21
we got some frog spawn last sunday, they,ve now hatched and are busy eating the egg sacks. what do we feed them on now. Any suggestions greatfully recieved!!! :p :p

01-Apr-04, 22:38
Try lettuce.

01-Apr-04, 22:43
Ah, happy childhood days remembered....

Feeding. Feed the tadpoles twice a day. Each tadpole should be given two tablespoons of fresh boiled spinach or lettuce (not cabbage). Although tadpoles naturally eat algae, this may be hard to get regularly and may introduce unexpected animals.

If available, two crushed rabbit food pellets can be given to each tadpole as a diet supplement. Flakes of hard-boiled egg yolk can be added twice a week for added protein. Give your tadpoles an hour to eat and then completely clean the container after each feeding.

Avoid using soap or cleansers in your tank. Remember to refill with treated (de-chlorinated) water. As the front legs grow the tadpoles will no longer eat. At this point they will reabsorb their tail as a food source and the tail will appear to shrink.

Transformation. Tadpoles undergo four remarkable changes that are easy to observe. First they grow legs - back legs first and front legs last. Second, they slowly lose their tails. The tail shrinks as its material is used as food by the tadpole.

Later, breathing with gills changes to breathing with lungs. Finally, the creature's diet changes from eating only plants to eating only live animals, such as insects. As the final stages of transformation take place, the rock in your container will help prevent the new froglet from drowning.

01-Apr-04, 23:51
Once they get a little bigger, I used to throw in a little bit of ham. They loved it!!

02-Apr-04, 09:42
How about leaving them in a pond outside I am sure there will be plenty for them to eat in it!

02-Apr-04, 13:08
Some information on water, feeding, etc., here: