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John Little
06-Mar-10, 08:47
This French artist has birds in a room with musical instruments which they play. Link;


The clip is also on Youtube.

John Little
06-Mar-10, 14:21
I like the one with the twig who does the guitar solo - but I have not the faintest idea what the birds are.

06-Mar-10, 23:30
Found it amazing that the birds were not scared of the noise but seem to be enjoying it lol cant tell you what kind of birds they are either.

John Little
06-Mar-10, 23:48
Yes- I have a friend who actually went to the exhibition. She says that the amps are just underneath the birds but they did not seem to register the noise at all. I do not know enough about bird auditory stuff to understand why. But they did not seem distressed at all - they just took no notice of it.
Like I said if you put the artist's name on Youtube there's a loner version and other settings.

07-Mar-10, 16:51
the text above the clip does say that the birds are Zebra finches, one of the more commonly kept small finches from africa. :lol:

John Little
07-Mar-10, 17:32
LOL! Thanks - I missed that. I think I'm a visual learner and my eyes went straight to the moving image and not the print.

That'll larn me!:o

Birding News
08-Mar-10, 17:46
Saw this on the news a few days ago, pretty interesting.