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02-Mar-10, 14:07

just wondered if anyone had any information about what is available for kids re parties. My son is having a birthday soon and we were thinking of holding a party for him and his friends and maybe hiring a bouncy castle (for inside - obviously party day the heavens will open and probably 10ft of snow will fall out ! ) ......

can anyone give me any info about what is available locally, he has in the past gone rollerbowling etc but we lived in Inverness then and it seems a very long drive to do this now, besides there must be lots to do locally :-)


02-Mar-10, 14:44
Was at a party in the villiage recently and they had hired a fabby bouncy castle from a local farm, can't remember which one but will find out!

02-Mar-10, 15:03
http://www.jump4fun.co.uk/index.html an 01349 number so think that is alness area,
but sure that there was one for hire in caithness,
or staxigoe hall think are about 20 an hour for hire of hall and bouncy castle, saves you having the mess at home

02-Mar-10, 16:14
horseriding/ quad biking?
pals to the swimmingpool for fun play and tea after?
that sort of age?
or little kid parties?

02-Mar-10, 16:27
going to be 9yrs old ......

thinking of the mess that 9yr old can make in the house so looking for different venue !


02-Mar-10, 19:18
The Castletown Youth Club hire there hall out for parties as well as the Castletown Drill hall. Sorry can't help you with the bouncy castle idea.

02-Mar-10, 21:24
Wick youth club hires out their hall and you get bouncy castle and the use of the kitchen,they even supply the dishes its great

02-Mar-10, 23:42
Alana Alexander at Nipster farm , Gillock 01955 661200 has a bouncy castle for hire.

03-Mar-10, 00:13
Ahh the one foxy posted about is the one they had at the party, it is great, it has a slide and is good condition and really was nice with mesh windows so you can see what the little devils are up to in there!

03-Mar-10, 01:39
I've seen a number of kids parties at both Thurso & Wick swimming pools. You hire the inflatable and give them an hour to burn off some energy and have some fun, and then have party food & drink in the seated areas after.

03-Mar-10, 10:39
Hi my daughter had party in thurso legion in the hall (we had just bout 60 kids there fomr 2 schools) and as long as you clean up the mess all you have to do is pay a donation of whatever you think is suitable for it she had brill time and there plenty room for bouncy castle the place is huge! just have to make sure it free for when you want it and the folks in there a easy to get on with

03-Mar-10, 12:17
thank you all for your help, its given me lots of ideas !


03-Mar-10, 15:23
Hi, you can book a party at Bettyhill swimming pool from 30.00 for an hour's session. Lots of inflatables, spa bath and a floating bridge available on request. 01641 521400 or nclc@bettyhill.org.uk .