View Full Version : Climbing and Bouldering in Caithness

29-Mar-04, 01:15
Why are there no dedicated "climbing - Bouldering" clubs in Caithness.
We have a coastline that is waiting to be explored and exploited.
If anyone is interested in climbing please reply.

30-Mar-04, 18:13

found this web page about climbing. I dont climb myself but thought it might be of interest to you

01-Apr-04, 13:04
Hi John
Last year saw a resurgance of new routing activity on the Caithness sea cliffs. Around 50 new routes were put up mainly at Sarclet, Mid Clyth, Latheronwheel and Skirza; the main protagonists being myself, Rob Christie and my brother, and Guy Robertson, Trevor Woods, Jo George and Dave Porter. During the whole year we never saw anyone else on the cliffs which is a shame as the climbing is superb and atmospheric. However, the recent publication of the new Northern Highlands guidebook and some recent and upcoming route reports and articles in the popular climbing magazines may stir peoples interest both inside and outside the County. Here's looking forward to another busy year on the rocks.

John Coll
03-Apr-04, 17:13

Drop us an e-mail. Have been exploring some of the local beach bouldering possibilities here in Thurso, but would be keen to travel further - especially if somebody has transport. Aside from what is round the coast here - there must be tons of bouldering exploration to be done in Sutherland. Down in Yorkshire 08/04-13/04 for the grit, but will be back in Thurso after that.