View Full Version : Skylark or not a Skylark

15-May-06, 21:54
This bird is a bit of an head ache.
About the size of a Lark but the feathers looked very speckled i even considered it might be a baby Curlew.
It blended so well with the back ground, i found it difficult to get a good shot.
Shape of beak is a problem, is it long or not, i can't tell.

16-May-06, 15:24
I do not have a clue. That beak looks weird. I will try and find someone who does know what it is.
Where and when did you see this bird?

16-May-06, 18:07
Date on picture, this copy may help, picture taken in un-used field at Newton Swiney, thats the area above Lybster south of the viewpoint.
Beak may be an illusion caused by the back ground.
There is a lark with a long beak but that would be very rare in the UK and unlikely.
(juv Hoopoe Lark)