View Full Version : Two interesting pics.

14-May-06, 19:49
A Sunday Stroll from Duncansby down to John O'Groats only got me 2 interesting pictures.
I spotted the plovers just before getting into J O'Groats seeing the 2 types of plover together was a bonus.
Ringed Plover and Golden Plover. (unless someone knows better)


I could'nt resist the shot against the blue sea, besides you dont seem to see many survive to the following Summer and i thought what a fantastic bird.
Gt Blackback Gull. (unless someone knows better.)


14-May-06, 21:52
Sorry Seabird but your pic is Ringed Plover and Dunlin. Below is a photo of Golden Plovers, they are larger than the Ringed Plover and just smaller than a Lapwing.
Here is a Dunlin. I think this is the other bird in your photo. I can see why you thought they were Golden Plover as they both have the Black belly.

I agree on the Great black back gull, although immature gulls aint my best thing.

14-May-06, 23:39
Thanks Kas.
I stand corrected, you do know better.
Pictures i can take, but it helps if you know what your taking pics of.