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25-Mar-04, 21:56
I'm moving to Bower soon and wondered if anybody knows this area? What goes on there? What is planned for the area? Do I go to Thurso or Castletown for shopping etc?
Any information would be gratefully recieved.

Mr P Cannop
25-Mar-04, 22:35
Thurso is the best for shopping

26-Mar-04, 00:09
Bower is sort of between Thurso and wick so u could do your shopping in Thurso or wick but not castletown, i live in castletown and i go to wick for shopping aswell as thurso

Castletown has only 2 shops so not much choice there really,the mace and the butchers and thats your lot

26-Mar-04, 20:14
You could go to the pub (Bower Inn), it used to be great, never been there lately though!

26-Mar-04, 23:31
Bower is a lovely place to live, I live in Bower just past the Bower Inn, it is very quiet and lovely place for anyone to live that loves the country but doesn't like to be very far away from town.
Bower is 11 miles from Thurso and 11 miles from Wick so you can go to either. Also if you want great food then go the the Bower Inn, since it has been taken over again just before Christmas the Food is fantastic and you get so much on your plate and it is very very good value for money. The place is always packed out now and it is better to book but they will always try to squeeze you in if you haven't booked.
I am actually planning on building my own house in Bower eventually I like living there that much.

29-Mar-04, 21:10
:D Bower is lovely, and in its great favour, has no wind farms planned for there, yet. Now I have written that, somebody will come up with the idea for one small one, which can be extended again and again............. oh dear!!!!

See another thread.... :evil