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25-Feb-10, 17:35
How sad is this got a job interveiw about six months ago i am still waiting for the phone call to let me know how i got on it is soul destroying to think you go through all the stress of going to the interveiw and they have not got the decencey to let you know how rude GUESS I NEVER GOT THE JOB[evil]

25-Feb-10, 18:05
Same happened to me when i was shortlisted for an interview at a certain company. There was only 4 people getting interviewed so it's not hard to inform 3 people that they never got it.

Kevin Milkins
25-Feb-10, 19:40
This seems to be a common practise with many companies today, but I think it amounts to nothing other than bad manners and I am not sure if I would want to work for such an outfit.

Most people have email today and it would take very little effort for a prospective employer to contact applicants that have gone to the trouble of submitting an application, (just to put them out of there misery if nothing else) and acknowledge there application and wish them luck for the future.

25-Feb-10, 21:35
The same happened to me when I was job hunting. The only reply I got was from a small company,but at least they took the trouble to let me know.How would a company feel if they offered you a job and you did not reply to them?

25-Feb-10, 21:48
Some companies are too lazy to reply to all applications, but when you have had an interview the least you can expect is a letter thanking you for your application and telling you that you were unfortunate on this occasion. The particular company you applied to obviously do not know how to run a proper business, you will be better of out of it.

25-Feb-10, 22:32
Its me again i have been a carer for 14 years and the job i applied for was with eldery people including people with dementia which i have had loads experience the people i got interveiwed with has never been in touch yet i reckon its them that needs looking after because all the people i have cared for had a lot more respect for me being their carer and remembered me most days but yet them that interveiwed me forgot about phoning me how do they get such proffesional jobs i am a very caring person a e-mail to let me know would have been fine your face in this town has gotta fit if no tuff.

25-Feb-10, 22:40
Doreen, have you though about calling them or writing a letter to find out why and get some feedback?

25-Feb-10, 22:47
No, because I was that dishearted. I've got all the care in the world for everybody because I've dealt with people terminally ill and every disabillity and have always given my full care. I do miss it all, now I feel isolated.

25-Feb-10, 23:24
Totally understand what your going through Doreen and sadly this seems to be the case everytime, this is why were hoping to move,
Someone said to me once its not what you know its who you know and sadly this seems to be the case,
When youve filled in 30+ applications and list your experience and qualifications and hear nothing back from any apart from one it makes you think theres something wrong with you and gradually it takes all your confidence and everything you have away from you its really sad,depressing and dis heartening.
I totally sympathise with you and know how your feeling and know what your going through.:(