View Full Version : Harry Brown.

25-Feb-10, 15:41
Another good film is Harry Brown with Michael Caine in it, worth a viewing.

06-Mar-10, 16:08
I found it a bit too "british" - I mean overly depressing and heavy handed in the negativity with no redemption in it at all. Gran Torino was the US equivalent, a hugely better film.

16-Apr-10, 21:12
Really enjoyed this film, Michael Caine returns to form in this gritty flick.

07-Jun-10, 07:45
watched last week and thought was excellent bit darker and grittier than the equally enjoyable Gran Torino, unfortunately was delivering to a very similar estate on Friday (Marsh Farm in Luton which is the worst area in argueably the worst town in Britain :()

16-Aug-10, 16:08
I watched this last week and thought it was very good.

Gordon Bonnet
03-Nov-10, 21:16
This is a good film, and much better than Gran Torino in my opinion.
The latter suffers from bad acting (Clint's neighbours) and is also really rather silly.

Harry Brown is rooted in reality. Where all my favoured films need to be (with a few exceptions).

27-Dec-10, 23:35
I found this film to be the hardest hitting film of the year. Absolutely wild. Michael Caine back to his best. Like the pics he made in the 70's-80's.
British films are so much more honest than American films. Harry Brown tells us exactly what life is like (with no holds barred) on an estate littered with gangs, weapons, drugs & all that comes with these ways of life.
Also the movie is wondefully dark & grey, the scene when Caine walks into the Crop House, is a reflectant of a boy coming of age. Awesome.
Definately in the top ten British films.

05-Jan-11, 22:21
Fantastic film :)

01-Apr-11, 11:11
Loved this film, saw it in cinema.

It provided an interesting insight as to how threatened many pensioners and elderly folks must feel living in parts of britain where the youths lack all respect and are just out of control.

The OAP seeks revenge was a bit far fetched in places, but overall it was a good movie. Would watch again!

01-Apr-11, 12:28
one film to avoid is "little fockers " and full of big name stars , this really is a dross film.