View Full Version : Percy Jackson and the lightening thief

23-Feb-10, 14:05
Hmmmmm, where to begin? Boring! Rubbish! Harry Potter wanabee? All of that and much more besides.

This film was always going to be compared to Harry Potter and I watched it with an open mind (honestly) and tried not to make comparisons but I just couldn't help it.

There's 3 main characters - as in Harry Potter, a bad lad at school - as in Harry Potter, a head teacher that favours Harry oops sorry, Jack - as in Harry Potter.
Even Jacks flying shoes looked like something out of Harry Potter and Jacks father although not dead is a god and unavailable.

It's hard to see the film in its own right because there are just so many similarities to Harry Potter. However the kids will probably enjoy it.
If the hope that it will be as popular as Harry Potter now that we're nearing the end of JK Rowlings books, then I think they have no hope.

p.s Watch out for the Jason and the Argonauts scene!

24-Feb-10, 13:54
If this compares to harry potter , then thats a good enough reason not to watch it.

24-Feb-10, 14:06
My 10 year old son thought it was "the best movie, ever!" I didn't see it myself though.

24-Feb-10, 17:08
I suspect it will be one for the kids rather than the adults.

Relax: Don't diss the Potter. :lol:

12-Mar-10, 13:10
I think it's a brilliant film :D