View Full Version : The Lovely Bones!

22-Feb-10, 20:57
Well worth the watching!

23-Feb-10, 13:57
Hmmmm. I watched it and while I admit it does keep you glued I did find it a bit ......ummmmm........ what's the word......... weird?

27-Feb-10, 02:03
aye, i seen it at 'e picture hoose in edinburgh, it wis what i wid say....aye, a wierd film.
an a little bit disturbin too...what a horrible lookin mannie!!

02-Mar-10, 23:37
I read the novel by Alice Sebold and enjoyed it. I did really like the film aswell, it stays true to a lot of the novels sentiments, but it was a bit corny in parts.

03-Mar-10, 14:36
I thought it was a really good film. A little hard to understand though.

06-Mar-10, 00:22
My OH has been trying to get me to watch this. He has watched it already but wants to see it again.

Is it really worth watching or is it one of those mind benders you need to be topped up with 10 cups of coffee to understand?

06-Mar-10, 12:56
It's a really good film, thought it was really well made. Sat and watched it with Tinkerbell09 :cool:. It's not much of a thinkers film, but I would say you've got to open your mind to take your own interpretation of it.