View Full Version : how many children have been transferred to Raigmore in March

lynne duncan
21-Mar-04, 09:50
I'm trying to get some figures together to highlight the need for Paedeatric cover in Caithness. If anyone can pass some information on children who have been transferred to Raigmore in March, I'm running this topic also on the North Action Group website. With the parents permission could you give the child's name, age and length of stay in Raigmore and any other information you think relevant.

22-Mar-04, 13:39
Hi my son was transfered 2 raigmore but it was march last year!

He fell off a wall and was in caithness general for a night, then he was sick alot so they transfered him down to raigmore!

so he was at the Dunbar hospital, then put to caithness general, then put down to inverness!

He was in raigmore for 2days

His name is Jamie Sutherland

He was 9yrs old at the time

Hope this is useful info for u?

Also my daughter has really bad asthma and when she has an attack she is straight down 2 inverness, she has been down in raigmore loads of times, and it is hard as i have 2 other children 2 look after aswell so we just visit whenever we can, which we try 2 do every 2nd day, but she is a child and needs me there with her, but if she was in wick hospital it would b much easier for all of us!

U only get travel expenses for picking some1 up, u don't get it for visiting so it is really expensive aswell!

22-Mar-04, 14:23
Good idea - the more facts and figures available the better. However, I feel that you may get a bigger response if you give an e-mail address that people can reply to in confidence rather than responding here. Whilst they may not mind giving details for statistics I'm sure a lot of people would not want their medical details made public. Perhaps the details could be e-mailed to the NAG committee?

22-Mar-04, 21:11
I'm sure you could always press the PM button and send a private message for Lynne to read.

lynne duncan
22-Mar-04, 23:22
to Linzy222 thanks for replying. I was just going to try and start compiling information from the 1st of march 2004 onwards, but any infomation I get I'll keep a note of
and as fifi says if you don't want it public then info can be passed via the north action group

by the by someone asked about making donations to the North Action group information on how to do this can be read on the North Action website

23-Mar-04, 12:15
hiya i dont know the exact number but they were going to send my lil boy down last week but we forced water down him
he had the rota virus all the other kids have.
the dr told me there was about 20 kids from wick down
but i dont know any exact numbers

frank ward
24-Mar-04, 11:40
I suggest you write (or ask NAG to write) to the Health Board for THEIR official statistics of the geographical location of every admission to Raigmore paediatric unit for each month for the last 2 years

24-Mar-04, 16:50
You might have to tie them down a little so they don't massage the figures, they might try just playing on emergency admissions to make it sound "dramatic" and unavoidable.

It should be worth finding out the numbers of

1 Emergency admissions.
2 Routine admissions.
3 Day care.
4 Recalls.
5 Visits to Consultants.

and in the case of in-patients the length of stay. (Re difficulties visiting etc.)

It's all added time, cost, inconvenience and disruption to the family many of which, no doubt, can ill afford it.

If I remember correctly the latest thinking in Childrens Hospitals is that children, especially small children, benefit medically from the presence of parents etc. by way of faster recovery, less emotional stress etc.

In fact parents were encouraged to spend as long as possible visiting for the benefit of the child. (With parents 100 miles away?)

Just a few thoughts, I hope they help.