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  1. Big Country - Gig Dates
  2. Apply to LO-FI: the low budget Scottish Film Initiative. DEADLINE Aug 20th
  3. Amazing Automata
  4. If You Happen To Be In Aberdeen Take Look At New Grads 13 Exhibition
  5. Helen Moore - Open Spaces
  6. Massed Pipe Bands in Wick - Thursday 8th August
  7. Feis Rois Coming To Scrabster 15th August
  8. Enterprise Music Scotland - Train and Sustain - book now
  9. Artist-in-Residence Programme - Finland
  10. Thurso Live Music Association 2013-14 50th Season of Concerts
  11. Two New Books On The Highland Clearances - Presentation Reading
  12. Webinar for Interior Design, Design Crafts, Giftware and Well-Being suppliers
  13. Dunsinane - A Sequal to Macbeth at Eden Court
  14. The Nairn Book Arts Festival
  15. Beatrice Works Exhibition At Horizons Until 22nd August
  16. Portrait and self portrait painting workshop Sponsored by dynam
  17. Gerald Laing's Muses Exhibition - Nairn Book and Arts Festival
  18. Caithness Seashore Roadshow
  19. Fčis Ghŕidhlig Ghlaschu at Piping Live looking forward to Blas 2013
  20. Towada Oirase Art Festival
  21. The Beatrice Offshore Wind Farm Demonstrator Project: an Illustrated Lecture
  22. Camera Austria Award for Contemporary Photography
  23. The Future As It Will Have Been at Frankfurter Kunstverein
  24. Surfboard Art Competition For 5 - 12 Year olds
  25. Caithness Gigs Brings More Music To The County
  26. Music At Mackays Hotel - 29th, 30th August
  27. Wick Pipe Band Season Drawing to a Close - Two Parades
  28. New Public Art Fund Launched
  29. A Mountain In My Hand
  30. Music school to host piping book launch
  31. Events At Caithness Horizons
  32. Stunning range of voices to grace Eden Court at Blas 2013
  33. Aladdin - Thurso Auditions
  34. Rush.dance kids At UDO World Street dance Championships
  35. Hard Times - St Fergus Gallery, Wick
  36. From The Flow Country
  37. THE HOSTILES play Y-Not, Thurso
  38. The Witches by Roald Dahl
  39. Local Kids Do Well At Fusion Street Dance Championships
  40. Manager sought for city centre arts project
  41. Collaborating on the historic environment
  42. New Focus years programme announced
  43. Centre d'art contemporain d'Ivry
  44. The Pragmatism in the History of Art
  45. Cover2Cover - Thurso Cinema Bar - Fri 4th Oct
  46. Tatties An Herreen By Castlegreen
  47. Rushdance New Details On Their Page
  48. Caithness Bitties by Isabel Salmon
  49. Lung Ha
  50. Scottish Opera presents Handel
  51. Partikel in concert
  52. Moishe
  53. Highland teachers get musically active
  54. The Big Lament
  55. Robert Motherwell Fall Programs At Guggenheim
  56. Why Painting Now?
  57. Kaitness Fowk - Poems and Stories By John Horne
  58. LISA McHugh - Latest Single Hits The Country Scene
  59. Launch of Inverness Winter Festival Programme
  60. Inverness Street Theatre
  61. Rush.dance kids win Big at Dancelines Scottish Hip Hop Festival
  62. Funding Opportunity - Creative Enterprise Fund (Scotland)
  63. Nottingham Contemporary
  64. Philip J. Steele Gallery at Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design
  65. Canadian Cultural Centre - Stan Douglas: Abandonment and Splendour
  66. Yerba Buena Center for the Arts (YBCA)
  67. Portskerra Story Telling Festival
  68. Sleeping Beauty Panto at Eden Court
  69. e-flux Magazine Issue 48
  70. 51 shades of maggie
  71. Women's Art Society
  72. Council Mod folk competition winners announced
  73. Banksy Sells Art - creates Big Surprise
  74. Opportunity to join the Board of High Life Highland
  75. Sufboard Art Exhibition
  76. Royal College of Art - Call for Applications
  77. Mira Schendel at Tate Modern
  78. Andrew Carnegie: the legacy that changed the world opens at Holyrood
  79. Book Launch At Caithness Horizons
  80. Royal National Mod heads to the Highlands
  81. Support for film and TV development
  82. Switched Off 2020 - Episode 1
  83. We Didn't See It Coming -- 2020 Episode 3
  84. Online Galleries - More Art For Sale Than You Can Imagine
  85. Stay Calm - 2020 Episode 2
  86. Making Space - 40 Years of Video Art
  87. Joseph Cornell and Surrealism in New York
  88. The Turbulences - Frac Centre
  89. Caithness Dialect Poetry of Alexander Miller
  90. Allen Jones, Happy Valley
  91. Have You Seen This Boy? 2020 Episode 4
  92. Belyayevo Forever: Preserving the Generic by Kuba Snopek
  93. Unstable Territory. Borders and Identity in Contemporary Art
  94. What Paintings Are Selling At Saatchi Online?
  95. The Scottish Colourists At The Portland Gallery
  96. The Hidden World - Jim Shaw / Didactic Art Collection
  97. FACELESS - freiraum quartier21
  98. Amazing Horses Rising Near Falkirk
  99. New Museum RD Season: Archives
  100. A Survey of Works by Waltercio Caldas
  101. Book Launch At Light In The North
  102. Halloween Show Ghost Train attracts record crowd
  103. Rush.dance has just completed MAD Scottish Street dance Challenge
  104. Performa 13
  105. Clapshot by W T Lyall
  106. River Connections public art project underway in Inverness
  107. Young Highland Musicians Prepare For Concerts Festival
  108. Flow Country Arts
  109. Sleeping beauty - panto - eden court theatre
  110. Out OOf Placce
  111. Aladdin From Thurso Players
  112. Julie Fowlis named as University of the Highlands and Islands Alumnus of Year
  113. Julie Fowlis named as University of the Highlands and Islands Alumnus of Year
  114. Julie Fowlis named as University of the Highlands and Islands Alumnus of Year
  115. Julie Fowlis named as University of the Highlands and Islands Alumnus of Year
  116. Julie Fowlis named as University of the Highlands and Islands Alumnus of Year
  117. Julie Fowlis named as University of the Highlands and Islands Alumnus of Year
  118. Julie Fowlis named as University of the Highlands and Islands Alumnus of Year
  119. Julie Fowlis named as University of the Highlands and Islands Alumnus of Year
  120. Julie Fowlis named as University of the Highlands and Islands Alumnus of Year
  121. Julie Fowlis named as University of the Highlands and Islands Alumnus of Year
  122. Julie Fowlis named as University of the Highlands and Islands Alumnus of Year
  123. Julie Fowlis named as University of the Highlands and Islands Alumnus of Year
  124. Julie Fowlis named as University of the Highlands and Islands Alumnus of Year
  125. A Northerly Land - George Gunn Book Launch
  126. What
  128. Traditional Music Concert - 14th December 2013
  129. Mr Boom Lands Again In Caithness
  130. Rushdance At Street Star Championships 2013
  131. Council welcomes launch of new Highland Homecoming Fund
  132. Cinderella Panto Live At Thurso Cinema Beamed In From Hippodrome Bristol
  133. Parsifal Opera At Thurso Cinema Live From The Royal Opera House
  134. Going To Inverness Next Weekend Then Take Kids To Winter Wonderland
  135. Whats On At Thurso Cinema In Coming Weeks
  136. Jane Macrae - A Scottish Artist With Caithness Roots
  137. Thurso Cinema film times for the week commencing Friday 20th Dec 2013
  138. BBC to screen Inverness Hogmanay highlight.
  139. Whats On At Thurso Cinema - Week Commencing 27 December 2013
  140. Whats on At Thurso Cinema Week Commencing 3 January 2014
  141. What's On At Caithness Horizons In January/February
  142. Caithness Horizons: Year of Ancient Ancestors Festival 2014
  143. Thurso Cinema Week Commencing 10th January
  144. SEA - Art Fundraiser - Entries Accepted From Now Until 20th June
  145. Year Of Ancient Ancestors Festival - 5th
  146. Young Musicians get back into the swing of things
  147. Royal Ballet: Giselle - Thurso Cinema
  148. DEBBIE KATE To Launch Her New Music At Y-Not, Thurso
  149. Coriolanus At Thurso Cinema From The National Theatre Live
  150. Beauty - dir. Rino Stefano Tagliafierro
  151. Calling Flow Country Artists
  152. Rush.dance kids go MAD in Motherwell
  153. What's On At Thurso Cinema
  154. Funding Opportunity - Hub Development Fund
  155. Inverness City Arts contract notice
  156. Peter Grimes Opera Live At Thurso Cinema
  157. Highland Seashore festivals and creative arts competition for schools
  158. Art Monthly Magazine - February 2014
  159. Celebration Exhibition - Last Few Days
  160. Thurso Cinema Guide - Week commencing 7th February
  161. The Caithness Collection
  162. MIT List Visual Arts Center
  163. e-flux journal - Issue 52 - February 2014
  164. The Leisure Review - February 2014
  165. The National Theatre Presents Rantin At Thurso And Wick
  166. Qalam, Calligraphy and Islam from the Middle Ages to the Present
  167. Call for applications: ten Ph.D. positions - Stockholm University
  168. If You Are In London - Richard Deacon Exhibition
  169. CarrĂ© d'Artâ
  170. Turner Contemporary - Making Painting: Helen Frankenthaler and JMW Turner
  171. Manifesta Journal 17: Future(s) of Cohabitation
  172. CĂ©zanne and Modern Masters - Exhibition At The Ashmolean
  173. National Museum of Norway - Museum of Contemporary Art
  174. Caithness Artist's Work Sold Around The World
  175. Glasgow Film Festival 20th February - 2 March 2014
  176. Scotland's International Poetry Festival 5 Mar - 9 Mar 2014
  177. M+, West Kowloon Cultural District
  178. Thirsty For Theatre Coming To Pultneytown People's Project
  179. Celebration of music with Highland young musicians
  180. Come and Sing or Play Mozart's Requiem
  181. International Rock Challenge event makes a triumphant return to Inverness
  182. Idea and Form - Mathematics and the Beauty of Science
  183. Luc Tuymans at PNCA's Philip Feldman Gallery + Project Space
  184. Arts Meets Engineering
  185. Mak â
  186. Sea â
  187. Scotland House at the Games
  188. Polytechnic Museum presents Polytech.Science.Art program
  189. Roberta Smith at the University of Guelph's 8th Annual Shenkman Lecture in Contempora
  190. Call for young talented musicians
  191. Young Highland Musicians Shine On Stage
  192. Funding Opportunity - Wellcome Trust â
  193. More success for Rush.dance
  194. Karmana in concert at Lyth Arts Centre
  195. Dogstar Theatre Company in "Factor 9"
  196. The Shee in concert at Lyth Arts Centre
  197. Dyad Productions in "I, Elizabeth" At Lyth Arts Centre
  198. Lyth Arts Centre Kicks Off The 38th Season
  199. Hazels and Yoles - Walk and Talk
  200. Call for applications: MSc Cultural Landscapes
  201. Karl Blossfeldt - Art Forms in Nature
  202. Calling All Art And Craft Folk
  203. Thurso Book Club - First meeting
  204. Great Programme At Y-NOT Thurso In April
  205. Robin And The Sherwood Hoodies - A New Musical
  206. Inverness to host 36th Celtic Media Festival In 2015
  207. More Trophies For Rushdance
  208. Local Dance Instructor's Daughter Does Well At Euro Dance
  209. Northern Nashville Country Music Festival 18 - 20th April 2014
  210. Far North Youth Orchestra Off To A Great Start
  211. Inspector Norse or (The Girl With Two Screws Left Over)
  212. Nuala Kennedy Band in Noble Stranger
  213. Christine Tobin - A Thousand Kisses Deep
  214. David Patrick Octet - Sketches of Spring/Riot at the Rite
  215. Bud to Bloom
  216. Drifting North
  217. Thurso Cinema Week Commencing 2nd May 2014
  218. ARTIST ROOMS: Douglas Gordon
  219. Latheron Hall Art Show 2014
  220. Live Jive In Aid Of The Highland Hospice
  221. Go digital at goNORTHâ
  222. Do you enjoy a good thriller? - Then Head For Mill Theatre 14th May
  223. Artists step up to the mark as SEA inspired fundraiser hotâ
  224. Paper Making - Adult Course
  225. Budapest Cafe Orchestra Return To Melvich
  226. Caithness-born artist wins national art award with flow country drawing
  227. The Great Yes, No, Donâ
  228. Family Paper Making Drop In
  229. Gaelic Fun Day/ Latha Spòrs GĂidhlig for children aged 0-5 years
  230. Wick Band 'Gales' Win A Place At Belladrum
  231. Kent Duchaine - Delta Blues
  232. Creative talent home grown on Scottish island
  233. From Aquatint to Sugar Lift
  234. Wots On In June At YNOT
  235. 40/40 Glasgow Print Studios: 40 Years 40 Artists
  236. 40/40 Glasgow Print Studios: 40 Years 40 Artists
  237. Caithness Artist's Pictures On Show At Thurso Jewellers
  238. The Giant Whose Heart Wasn't In Portskerra
  239. Thurso Cinema Guide - Week commencing Friday 13th June 2014
  240. Dangleberries Play Ynot In Thurso
  241. Rab Noakes To Play Mackays Hotel. Wick
  242. Blas 2014 tickets on sale now - a great line-up
  243. Oil and Glass - Caithness Artist In Aberdeen
  244. Rush.dance kids winning their way to European and World Championships
  245. ROH:Manon Lescaut
  246. ARTIST ROOMS: Douglas Gordon - Family Event with Kenny Hunter
  247. ARTIST ROOMS: Douglas Gordon - Peter's Pals Art Workshops
  248. Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA)
  249. Artists Engaged? Maybe
  250. The Far North Youth Orchestra - mini concert